Using SS Slides

As a shot of visual adrenalin to spice-up your sermons

*All images can be converted to a Powerpoint formatt

1) Images can be hand picked for specific themes or thoughts.

2) Images may appear on the screen for programmed periods of time

3) Images may be softened for backdrops or watermark effects

4) A total viewing of Signs Sublime as a change-up to a sermon


As a Sunday School teaching tool: use it as one extended lesson or several partial lessons

1) Place an image upon the wall and ask what it says to different individuals

2) Use it to initiate a group discussion

3) Find the particular verse in the Bible that the image represents.

4) Use the first image to ask what is probably coming next


As a Christian refocusing tool while traveling in our automobiles

1) See if you can come up with the Christian prompt from the sign prop before anyone else

2) Coach your children to say the responses to the sign props

3) See who’s the first to get ten in a row

4) See if anyone can come up with a different meaning for the same image

As an outdoor marquee to supplement just catchy phrases

Your presentation of Signs Sublime will kindly program your flock to renew their Christian principles while they are away from the body of believers using common everyday road signs and symbols to trigger their memory for instant recall by previous association. I like to refer to this process as “innocence by association” as opposed to its counterpart: guilt by association.

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The simpler the image, the more it communicates and is able to take-up immediate residence in our minds. That makes for quicker recall when prompted. The road signs are the props. Signs Sublime is the vehicle that associates or connects the secular (road signs) to our Christian beliefs. And let’s face it: we need all the help we can get in this secular world to remind us of where our priorities should be focused: on the unseen, not the seen.

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