Thee Righteous Relays

The-Righteous-Relays-By-L.G.--1024x772This is a one-of-a kind field relay event that visually teaches Christian principles by the movement of participants with worded footballs in and around my creatively constructed props (worldly worded cones, minnow nets, bucket-list pale goals, and throw-through life savor buoys). I often tag it: The Christian “FUNdamentals.” Almost all ages can participate and kinetically learn from their involvement. If you can run (and not necessarily fast), you can participate. No body contact is involved. I provide the necessary instructions throughout the event. This program is available to youth groups (usually Christian, but not necessarily so)in summer camp settings, Church festivals, and even birthday parties. etc. throughout Florida. I enthusiastically encourage the participants’ parents and spectators to have cameras, etc. available to record this unforgettable event. More information at:

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