65 Visitor Parking Only
65 Visitor Parking Only

65 Visitor Parking Only


65 Visitor Parking Only

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65 Visitor Parking Only 65A_Visitor_Parking_Only_700x700

I watch the national news every night on TV, and it never ceases to amaze me how increasingly intense the world’s weather system has become. We humans on earth are not taking care of the garden God built for us. It’s ironic that we pray to God for the people who have lost loved ones and homes to weather extremes, but fail to realize that these very “acts of nature” are really “acts of God,” since HE alone (coupled with our negative input) sets and sustains all matter in motion. God’s just reinforcing to us hard-headed humans not to get too comfortable here, since this earth isn’t your permanent home–whether you’re a Christian or not–makes no difference. We’ve all got a permanent date after death with either Satan or Jesus. Either of which we have been given the choice to choose before we die. Amen


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