42 Only Take Your Share
42 Only Take Your Share

42 Only Take Your Share


42 Only Take Your Share

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The first century Christians shared their worldly assets with those in the body of Christ that were in need. Parents do that for their children and vice versa. This concept extended outward takes on the feel of socialism, which is in apparent contrast to our capitalistic society. Remember the Israelites while wondering in the desert for a generation. They were treated to manna from heaven each day, but they couldn’t store it up (build bigger barns) for future use because it turned bad the next day. Each day they had to rely on God’s blessings for survival. Unfortunately, poor people (and there’s not many of them in America by the world’s standard) can barely survive on a capatalistic trickle-down effect. CEOs of major corporations, making ridiculos money ought to be ashamed of themselves. To those who have been granted more, more will be expeded of them.


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